Sponsorship Opportunities

Sponsorship Opportunities With Lotusmats

Currently Sponsorship level 1 and Sponsorship level 2 are now closed.  We will update everyone once this reopens again.

We at LotusMats.com love to support the Yoga community.  We have had the pleasure to support Yoga Challenges hosted on instagram for over 2 years now.   

We do receive many requests everyday asking for our support to sponsor Yoga challenges and as we are limited to the products we can giveaway, it becomes difficult to help everyone at the same time.

We have created 2 different levels of Sponsorship that has worked very well and allows us to still support the Yoga community while covering some of the costs to maintain our website and business expenses. 

Sponsorship Level 1: Sponsorship level 1 is our original offer to requests that we select, which is a Free product to the winner of a Yoga challenge. 

Sponsorship Level 2:  Sponsorship level 2 is a new level offering the winner of the Yoga Challenge a Free product with a shipping cost only. ( Shipping costs will vary depending on location of winner). This allows us to to cover a very small expense, while still being active in Yoga Challenges.

For any requests to sponsor by supplying the hosts of the Yoga Challenges, will no longer be a Free Product giveaway.   We will offer a discount to the product for the hosts.

Conditions of Sponsorship with LotusMats.

For Yoga Challenges, we ask that our hashtag #yogalotusmatstore  be used for each picture posted by the hosts and people involved in your Yoga Challenges.

Currently Sponsorship level 1 is closed and we only have Sponsorship level 2 available.  We will update our facebook page and instagram once Sponsorship level 1 is open again.

For requests of Sponsorship with lotusmats, please email our team at yogamats@lotusmats.com